Swimming against the tide ,check Madhavi Latha inspirational journey .

Basically in this post we review swimming against the tide book which is a autobiography of Madhavi Latha Prathigudupu .

And Madhavi Latha Prathigudupu is basically a inspiration for everyone .

It is a story of hope over dark life .

Madhavi latha : Swimming against the tide book Review

Basically in this section we review Madhavi Latha book and also provide learnings of it which will help you in uplifting your life .

Book cover of Swimming against the tide The story of Paraswimmer Madhavi Latha Prathigudupu
Swimming against the tide

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So down below we have reviewed swimming against the tide in 3 steps .

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1. Darkness from Childhood

One day suddenly due to accident Madhavi Latha affected with polio .

And when polio enter her diseases she was just seven months old .

And due to which her body below shoulder paralyzed but her family refused to take it seriously .

So they wholeheartedly supported Madhavi by encouraging her to craft her life purposefully .

2. Hydrotherapy to Para swimmer

As when Madhavi gets hydrotherapy for treating polio she unintentionally gets fascinated toward the art of flowing with water i.e swimming .

And this hydrotherapy treatments sow a seed of para swimming in Madhavi .

And then eventually become a para swimmer .

As from then onwards she became a champion of the swimming in state as well as national level .

And won 30 medals in para swimming.

As in short hydrotherapy sow the foundation of para swimming in Madhavi Latha .

3. Stretching hands for help

As true champion stretch hands for help so that everyone can become champion .

And to make every one champion she runs ‘Yes We can too ‘ Movement where disabled people can do friendship with sports .

So through the medium of sports they can find out their potential and could make their strong identity in world .

Apart from the running moment she is also co-founder of paralympic swimming association of Tamilnadu .

And also the co-founder of wheelchair basketball federation of India .

And through these foundation she is crafted a platform of sports for disabled people .

Madhavi Latha Prathigudupu

Apart from this disbility her life is full of challenges.

As she recalls incidents where people are unaware about her achievements .

And due to which she had to carry medical certificate with her for doing swimming in new area .

And this recognition hurts when you are doing so much in sports but people still questions your ability .

Madhavi also blames media for not giving attention to paralympics .

And also criticize government for not providing good facility to disabled people in parasports .

As it mainly include shortage of para coaches and equipments .

And we know if anyone want to build a career in Paralympics he had to import para equipment from abroad .

Foreword by Vishwanathan Anand

As this book is recommended by Viswanathan Anand who is five times chess champion .

And he tells how her book install zealous in him because of her journey and nothing can be more inspirational than this story .

As being a disabled she have to cope up with both mental and physical problems .

And her story is a must read for those people who got stuck in the tiny problems of their life .

As when they compare their life with Madhavi they would consider themselves Lucky .

And this book will also install zealous in people .

So this book is must read for those who are looking for some inspiration .

Conclusion of Swimming against the tide

As In the end Swimming against the tide book help to install good vibes in readers .

Because the tale of Madhavi Latha is a tale of warrior mentality .

Also if you want to take inspiration this volume ideal for it .

As being a disabled and then earning a recognition at global level is not cakewalk .

So it is must read for those who are busy in building excuses for their dreams .

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