Red Handed book , check how america is declining day by day .

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The United States has been the leading force on the planet in business, technology, and innovation for years.

Red Handed how American elites get rich by helping china Win Review

The creativity of Americans has led to some of the biggest innovations in history.

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And the economic success that America has enjoyed was not just by chance.

As China continues to rise as an economic superpower.

So it is important to examine the different ways in which U.S. elites are helping their new Chinese peer.

And that is done basically to gain access to their expertise and market share within America’s borders.

As even if this practice comes at the expense of our American workers and businesses.

In what ways are American elites working with Chinese elites?

Basically in this section, we tell you the medium through which Americans Elites are joining hands with Chinese elites.

America’s Spy Agencies See Few Threats in China

As if America were too big to fail.

Because U.S. secret agencies are not really in business to protect Americans from foreign threats.

But to keep them dependent on politicians, bankers, and arms merchants who pay large promotion fees.

In other words, those who have a lot of money now may not want to give up their profits later by protecting Americans from Chinese competition.

These elites make enough money from American current policy by selling out American industries.

And moving U.S.based factories to Asia—that they see no need for change.

The Currency Debate

As If we were to pick one defining argument of our time.

And it would be between economists on the growth of America’s decline.

On one side is Peter Navarro, an economist at UC Irvine.

He has argued that currency corruption by foreign governments is perhaps the most damaging economic problem in every country.

And on the other side is Robert Scott, a labor economist and senior international economist at Economic Policy Institute (EPI).

He contends that the rapid growth of emerging markets like China has contributed to higher U.S. imports from those countries.

But not necessarily currency corruption.

What Washington Doesn’t See

The truth is, though, that by getting rich off their connections to Beijing elites.

And which mostly include former US officials and America’s political and business leaders.

As they are playing a far bigger role in helping China win.

This new relationship has opened up many lucrative opportunities for politically connected people on both sides.

And with some Americans making millions off their connections to Chinese elites.

As it should be no surprise that our government does little or nothing to punish these crimes.

It’s time to open our eyes to look at which country wins from China’s rise in America.

How China Undermines U.S. Power

China undermines U .S power through many forms.

And these forms mainly include economic, political, and militarised.

In short, it seeks to replace Americans as Asia’s leading trading partner and source of foreign investment.

It seeks to overturn U.S led global economic standards by replacing them with its own.

It seeks to convince smaller Asian countries that America’s rules-based order will neither protect their interests nor deliver sustained prosperity.

And it seeks to challenge U.S. naval dominance by expanding its fleet while building ports.

And we know which is capable of hosting Chinese warships throughout Southeast Asia.

Ignoring the China Threat at Our Peril

Meanwhile, so-called free trade agreements make it easier for U.S. firms to sell their products in China.

And also transfer valuable information on product development, technology, and management.

Also, check how Chinese firms can use it against Americans one day.

Today’s America is largely going about business.

As usual despite clear evidence that our competitors want nothing more than to take advantage of Americans.

And could succeed if we let them.

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Conclusion of Red handed how American elites get rich by helping china Win

So in the end Red-handed: how American Elites get rich helping china Win book will open the reasons for the downfall of America.

Americans should be concerned about Chinese investment in technology.

But these are problems that can be managed without using protectionism.

In addition to tighter regulatory oversight and implementation.

Congress should also consider limiting foreign ownership of assets in critical industries.

The U.S. government is also rightly careful of buying by Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs).

State-directed capital has fueled Beijing’s rise as a superpower.

But it is hardly kind and will continue to pose challenges to U.S. interests at home and abroad.

It is certainly not in America’s interest for state-owned enterprises to be turning profits on our shores while they threaten U.S. industries back home with the unfair competition or use our open markets.

As a means of gaining sensitive technology or intelligence on political opponents.

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