Phenomenal woman kamala harris , no.1 will install inspiration in us .

Basically in this post we review phenomenal Woman book which is a biography of Kamala Harris .

And we know who is maiden person of indian descent to become vice president of USA .

As this book mainly tells the bold , brave and unconventional journey of Kamala Harris .

Kamala Harris phenomenal woman book Review

Basically in this section we do review of phenomenal Woman which is a biography of Kamala Harris .

Phenomenal Woman Kamala Harris
Phenomenal Woman

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So down below we have reviewed this volume in 4 steps .

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1. Uncommon Journey

As kamala Harris has a uncommon Journey .

Because reaching at such high position in US government is not cake walk .

Also she is first Black Asian woman to do so as her mother is from Indian background and father from Jamaican background .

And to achieve in usa being a outsider is remarkable .

As being a woman there are barriers of society and family pressure .

But women like Kamala break barriers of society and family to fly in the sky of success .

2. Became responsible

As when any person comes in foreign country especially in usa it is not easy for anyone to settle in usa .

But when Kamala stepped in U C Berkley she own her own arranged her tuition fee and also secured admission in law school .

As being a responsible and focus toward your aim make Kamala Harris unique as well as phenomenal woman .

3. Install Leadership from early age

As Kamala Harris was clear about her vision and desires .

And due to which from college days she started taking action towards her goal .

And due to which she chooses law studies because she feels law gives power to powerless people .

As we know in society power mostly come from money .

And gratefully law breaks the conventional rule by giving voice to voiceless , justice to weaker sections .

So doing law studies give her confidence in leadership

And due to which she was able to tackle every problem that come in her way .

4. Kamla the Inspiration

As Kamala achievements are inspiration for us because to win election in the time of a fake news was not easy in usa .

Also this journey provide zealous to every human whose growth is hampered by the walls of caste , colour and race .

And also tells us to surprise the world through your odd actions .

Just Like Kamala did in usa i.e win elections even when no one believed her .

How many chapter does phenomenal women Kamala Harris book contain ?

Phenomenal woman contain 12 chapters which basically revolve round the life of Kamala Harris.

As which may include her parents background , California elections and her connections with the dishes of her aunt momala .

Chapters of Phenomenal Woman Kamala Harris

1. From Lotus To Potus

2. The Colour Purple

3. Mother India

4. Mommy Dearest

5. Howard Ho !

6. Ferraro Rocker

7. Kamalafornia

8. The Not so Great Senate

9. The Vice Squad

10. Lotus in the Mud Pond

11. Momala’s kitchen – Idli Minds / Dosa Matter

12. Joe , Bean And Kamala

Who is the author of phenomenal woman Kamala Harris book ?

Chidanand rajghatta is the author of this volume.

And he is also the author of famous books i.e horse that flew and indian silicon spread their wings .

Apart from writer he is foreign editor and U. S bureau chief at times of India .

And also one of the largest serving foreign correspondent in Washington DC .

Conclusion of Phenomenal Woman Kamala Harris

As in the end phenomenal woman Kamala Harris book will help you in breaking the chains of caste , colour and boundaries .

So hold book to know how to become odd from the society .

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