About us

We are Nonfictionme

A site with mission to cultivating book reading as a habit .

Nonfictionme basically aims to sow the seed of book reading in you .

So that everyone can install the worthful habit of 21st century i.e book reading .

And in this place we review books that are interesting and fascinating .

As we provide mostly free ebooks to you so that you can learn anything for free .

And we have linked to Z library for providing PDFs to user of certain book .

Because we believe that everyone has right to learn for free .

Read To Explore

We are a team of bunch of people who are book lovers and through experiencing a massive benefits of book reading .

And due to which we decided to ignite the mission of spreading the value of book reading .

So here we share that books through book review that will install seeds of book reading and also help us to grow more .

As we want to cultivate a seed of reading in you through spreading the importance of book reading .

As we are aware of benefits :

. Books gives you wings to fly

. They kills emptiness or loneliness

. They increases imagination .

Why we are excited to ignite the mission ?

As one of our team members CEO was feeling anxious due to uncertainty of future.

At the same time he was facing slaps from health as well as from relationship problems.

So he totally get stressed and one day his friend recommend him to read some books .

But due to shortage of money he can’t buy books so one of his teacher recommend site which provide free ebooks .

And when Our core member CEO heard about it he was amazed to see the beautiful gift to world by z Library .

And after reading bunch of books main author started feeling zealous .

So he decided to share the beautiful work of z Library to the world so that everyone can learn for free .

This small habit of reading books led him to grow daily .

As first he started reading health books .

And due to which he was able to learn about nutrition and health .

And which inspire him to be healthy .

So then he started to read different books of diverse category .

And it mostly include fictional , non fictional and biographies .

And after reading those books he get to know about different careers of the world .

Book reading open his mind to new thoughts , information and due to which he get interested in knowing different things .

And now he is more zealous towards life .

Because books help him to guide his life .

Basically If you are unaware about future and wanna grow you should definitely hold book in your hand .

As nonfictionme help to explore new life through variety of books .

So hold book to experience varities of life .

And now to explore new life becomes easy because we mostly provide free ebooks to you for reading .

Because book reading is a great habit to built .

So come again for learning something new .

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