400 days book Pdf , check how no. 3 is a need of world .

Basically in this post we review and provide Pdf of 400 days chetan Bhagat book .

So that you can Download it for free .

As it basically covers the journey of finding out a little girl siya who is missing.

And when police officials are unable to find out Siya then her god i.e mother came forward to find out her heart beat .

As this journey of finding out Siya is filled with a little bit of suspense , grip , love , friendship and unshakeable determination of mother in finding her daughter .

400 Days Book Review

As this volume is a typical written in bollywood style i.e style according to which Bollywood movies are made .

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So down below we review 400 Days novel pdf in 3 points .

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1. Missing Spot

Siya once went to her grandparents house and suddenly one day she was missing from their home .

As soon as Sia missing news came , everyone tried to find out Siya .

But eventually their all hopes were shattered .

So finally police arrived to find out missing sia but they also led to failure in finding out sia .

And after searching for the many days police finally come to conclusion finally of putting Siya case in cold case .

As cold case basically means case that have never been solved .

2. Mother Hope for Child

But when everyone give up in finding siya her mother Alia like a solo Warrior tries to find her daughter missing daughter .

As she tries every way and leave no stone unturned in finding out sia .

But eventually she also faced failure in finding out heartbeat of his life i.e her daughter Sia .

3. Call for Help

As Sia mother Alia also fail to search her daughter then eventually she calls her neighbourhood friend Keshav and Saurabh.

As they both are private investigator and now they will eventually put a close look on the case of sia .

So know Sia mother Alia had no option except these so she has to take help from in investigator .

And what happens afterwards you eventually have to hold this book in your hand .

Because if I reveal another shade of book then it can be turned as a spoiler for readers .

So know how saurabh and Keshav finds out Sia .

400 Days book Summary

Basically the epicentre of volume is crime thriller and suspense .

And it congruent with bollywood style of movies and which basically mean the common tale of bollywood movies .

And it basically revolve around the mystery of Sia the missing girl .

As it is a tale of finding girl and through her finding , readers will experience variety of emotions .

And that basically include love , compassion motherhood , friendship and neighborhood .

So hold volume to know the crispy suspenseful ending of sia .

So hold this volume to relift the habit of book reading in this digital entertainment world .

Because books have life and by holding we not only experience life but also install benefits of reading books in us .

Who is the Writer of 400 Days book ?

Well the writer of 400 days book pdf is chetan Bhagat .

And we know how famous he is and all his volumes are also finest sellers .

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As this volume is easy to read and congruent with typical bollywood style .

So hold this volume to install variety of emotions in you .

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Is 400 Days Worth Reading ?

As According to author Chetan Bhagat this volume is written with full focus and attention during lockdown as compared to other books .

What is the net worth of chetan bhagat ?

The net worth of chetan bhagat is 8 crores which includes his brand equities and writing abilities .


As in the end 400 Days book pdf free download will not only help you avoiding the climate disaster .

But also help you in experiencing wide variety of emotions in one volume .

As this volume is good for beginners and normal for usual reader .

So if your relationship with volume is bad you can improve it by holding this volume in your hand .

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